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Somnoplasty Snoring Surgery

Somnoplasty Snoring Surgery

Snoring may be a nuisance to your bed partner, but it can also be a symptom of a serious medical condition. Snoring while you sleep means you aren’t breathing properly. If you aren’t breathing properly you aren’t sleeping properly. Somnoplasty snoring surgery may be the answer.

Causes of snoring

The snoring sound is caused when airways are restricted while you are sleeping. Airways that are not obstructed while you are sitting or standing may be obstructed once you are in a prone position.

During normal breathing, air comes in through the nose and travels down the throat to the lungs. On the way it passes the tongue, uvula, soft palate and tonsils. When you are awake and upright, muscles hold these structures in place. When you lie down and sleep the muscles controlling these structures relax. That means they can vibrate; and the vibration causes snoring.

Restrictions in the upper airways can also cause snoring. If the obstruction is in lower structures, somnoplasty can bring relief.

What is somnoplasty?

Somnoplasty is a medical procedure that an ear, nose and throat (ENT) specialist can perform in the office under local anesthesia. During the procedure the ENT will remove or stiffen the tissues of the uvula and soft palate so they cannot vibrate.

The procedure is performed using the heat created by ultra-low radio frequency energy waves. It is targeted to burn very small areas of tissue at the back of the soft palate. These areas of tissue are absorbed back into the body as they heal and this creates a firming effect and reduces the amount of tissue in the area.

It only takes about 30 minutes to complete the procedure and documented complications are minimal.

Is somnoplasty the only snoring surgery?

Somnoplasty is not for treatment of sleep apnea. It will also not correct snoring when the obstruction is located in the upper respiratory system.

If the obstruction is caused by malformation of the septum, septoplasty would be the proper snoring surgery.

If the obstruction is caused by the turbinates, polyps, or other nasal or sinus conditions then surgery such as functional endoscopic sinus surgery, balloon sinuplasty, or turbinoplasty would be the more appropriate snoring surgery. Your ENT is the best source of information about surgical treatment for snoring.

A good night’s sleep starts at the ENT

If your snoring is getting in the way of you or your partner’s sleep, call and make an appointment to see the ENT.

A complete examination by the ENT can determine the cause of the obstruction and recommend the proper treatment to get you breathing normally again while you sleep.

Call for your consultation today. A quiet night’s sleep may be easier than you think.